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January 2005

January 29
Dealer Constraints:

The Registry has posted some
some additional clarification on current Corvette constraints. In the Members Only Hot News Section.
Members, Click Here for more information on:

  • Corvette Convertible (1YY67)

  • Power Convertible Top (CM7)

  • Dual Roof Option (C2L)

  • Beige Top (35T) and Gray Top (37T)

  • Polished Wheel (QG7)

  • 1SX Package; Navigation System (URB)

  • Z51 Sport Suspension Package (Z51)


January 26
2005 CORVETTE - Spike TV's "Top Ride of 2005"
The 2005 Corvette drove away with the top honors winning the car of the year category, “Ride of ’05" at Spike TV’s AutoRox, the first ever nationally televised auto awards show. Hosted by Carmen Electra and Joe Rogan, AutoRox honored and celebrated America’s passion for the automobile. The 90-minute show, taped at the Barker Hangar in Los Angeles, aired TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2005 on Spike TV.

During the telecast, Detroit’s own Kid Rock rocked the house all night as he performed Cowboy and Son of Detroit. Legendary auto designer and race car driver Carroll Shelby received the only award to a human being — The Icon Award - acknowledging a true giant in the auto industry. Jay Leno of the Tonight Show was featured in a taped tribute to Shelby. The winning cars at Spike

TV’sAutoRox include:

  • The Ride of ‘05 (Car of the Year) - 2005 Chevrolet Corvette

  • The Take-it-off Drop Top of 2005 -2005 Ferrari F360 Spider

  • The Most Jammin’ Truck of 2005 - 2005 Dodge Ram SRT/10

  • The Mad-Real SUV of 2005 - 2005 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

  • The “Livin’ Large” Luxury Car of 2005 2005 Rolls Royce Phantom

  • The Hottest Exotic of 2005 - 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo

  • The Maximum “G” Sports Car of ‘05 - 2005 Chevrolet Corvette

January 24
Members - The C6 Garage is no longer empty..
As of December 7, 2004 the total production for all C6s is 13,714. For a complete breakdown of the RPO totals, Coupes and Convertibles, Members, see MOHN. (If need your C6 passwords to access this private section of this page, CLICK HERE

January 21

BOWLING GREEN, KY – YES, IT’S TRUE! For all of you who have been patiently waiting for your C6 Convertible or Coupe order to be received at the plant…

GOOD NEWS! GM has decided to extend the 2005 C6 production of coupes and convertibles past the usual fourth week in June ’05 cutoff. Due to pent-up demand for convertibles the decision to build 2005s until mid-September is welcome news.  

Members we have received your e-mails of frustration in wondering when your convertible order will be built. The information we have is that currently the plant has only been able to build FIVE (yes, we said five!) convertibles per day. The current mix has been ONE power top and FOUR manual tops per production day. ALL are currently being built with black tops ONLY.

But there’s hope! Very soon, convertible production should ramp up to nearly 45-50% of the daily out-put at our beloved C6 Corvette Plant. All top colors will be available and there should be no delay for those of you who have ordered power tops. One thing we do know is that Wil Cooksey (plant manager) will NOT settle for shipping any C6s that are not up to his personal high standards. And if you’ve ever met Wil, you know these are the highest standards we know of in the production world. To everyone who has been waiting for your convertible to be build, we assure you that when you sit in yours, it will be “ALL SMILES”, well worth the wait.

January 20
Corvette nominated for Spike TV Awards Show
Corvette is nominated in several +categories as part of the upcoming “AutoRox” awards show to be featured on Spike TV on Jan. 25 at 9 p.m. ET.”“The Ride of 05” and”“Maximum G Sports Car 2005” are just two of the categories in which Corvette has been nominated.

“AutoRox” is the first-ever nationally televised auto awards show where the cars are the stars. “AutoRox” will celebrate the automobile as an icon and what it represents in this country”– freedom, style, speed, music, luxury and personality. Place your votes by visiting the Spike TV website at:–
http:// index.jhtml?seriesID=12815&refID=autorox

January 20
QX1 Competition Gray Wheels now available to order!
Chevrolet is pleased to announce the addition of a third wheel option for the 2005 Corvette. In addition to the standard Silver painted 5-spoke QG6 and the Polished 5-spoke QG7 will be a 5-spoke "Competition Gray" painted wheel. Competition Gray is similar to the racier look of the C5 Corvette Z06 wheel. The new Competition Gray wheel is now available by selecting Option Code QX1. A $295.00 additional charge will apply.

QX1 Front   QX1 Rear

January 19
Chevrolet has announced a special web site for the new 2006 Z06! You can find it at: 

January 11
2006CLICK HERE for photos and specifications on the new 2006 Z06


AND !!! CLICK HERE for photos and announcement of the C6-R

January 10, 2005
Corvette C6-R Race Car Launches For 2005

C5-R Successor Built upon 50+ Years of History, Three Le Mans Titles, 35 Victories and Four Championships

DETROIT – The brand-new Corvette C6-R race car will debut at the 12 Hours of Sebring in March 2005 after a full year of rigorous testing and development. The two-car, factory-backed Chevrolet sports car program will compete in the production-based GT1 class (formerly GTS) of American Le Mans Series as well as the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans in France, a race where the Corvette has won its class for three out of the past four years. The new race car is the most technically advanced sports car ever developed by General Motors, culling years of experience from the dominant Corvette C5-R as well as the advancements brought forth from the next-generation Corvette C6 and Z06 production models.

“The Corvette C6-R is the best sports car we’ve ever built and it has been our privilege to develop it alongside the new Corvette Z06,” said Harry Turner , GM’s group manager for road racing. “History will remember the C5-R as one of the best sports racing cars of all-time and we’ve set the bar high for the C6-R. With the new C6 chassis and body structure as our starting point, we’re already ahead. We left no stone unturned in the development of this new car and we are looking forward to racing it in front of the world in 2005.”

Like the C5-R before it, the Corvette C6-R starts from production roots: the same hydroformed frame rails that roll down the assembly line at the Corvette plant in Bowling Green , Kentucky are sourced for the structure of the race car. With the new C6 production model measuring shorter in overall length (but with a longer wheelbase), race car engineers faced a new set of numbers in which to achieve their goals to make the car faster on the 180-mph Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans and other high-speed circuits.

“At first glance, the shortened front and rear overhangs on the C6 would seem to present a challenge in developing a racecar with maximum aerodynamic downforce,” said Steve Wesoloski , program engineering manager for Corvette Racing. “However, the low drag features on the C6, such as the sleek body and flush headlamps, lend themselves to an easy task of converting the production design into a low-drag race car.”

Adding a rear wing and a front splitter enabled the team to develop a package that achieves a lift-to-drag ratio better than that of the C5-R. Through a combination of Computational Fluid Dynamic studies and on-track testing, the end result will be an aerodynamically balanced package, tunable to the low drag demands of Le Mans or the high downforce requirements of Mosport.

The phrase “technology transfer” has never been more appropriate than when used to describe the matched set of Corvette C6-R and Corvette Z06. Lessons learned on the track have benefited the Z06, just as GM’s vast resources have enriched the C6-R race car. Both cars are powered by 7-liter small-block V-8 engines with dry-sump lubrication systems, CNC-ported cylinder heads, titanium valves and connecting rods, forged steel crankshafts, and plate-honed cylinder bores. While the components and specifications of the street and competition engines are tailored to their specific environments, the thought process behind them is identical.

The same six drivers that piloted the C5-Rs to an historical undefeated season in 2004 will return to the track in 2005: Ron Fellows, Johnny O’Connell and Max Papis will drive the #3 Corvette C6-R and Oliver Gavin , Olivier Beretta and Jan Magnussen will drive the #4 Corvette C6-R.

January 1, 2005
We couldn't believe it, but guess what we found in our mailbox, the February 2005 Motor Trend magazine.  An article called "2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Under the Spotlight" on pages 52-57 indicates that 2005 is going to be a fabulous Z06 year!  We were pleasantly surprised to find six full-color pages of detailed information about our favorite American Sports Car, the 500 HP Z06 for 2006.  Motor Trend's article by Frank Markus is very detailed regarding the improvements the Z06 edition brings to the table.  According to Markus, the rumored all ALUMINUM chassis is for real weighing in at a total curb  weight of 3,150 pounds.  It will have a 7 liter (LS7) engine producing at least 500 hp with approximately 475 pound-feet of torque.  This bad boy will be able to rev up to 7,000 rpm

Notable differences over the base C6 Coupe are as follows: 

  • Rear quarter panels are 1.5 inches wider to clear the wheels that are 2 inches wider than the base C6.
  • Fresh air comes in through a new hood nostril.
  • Front grill has a 30% larger opening.
  • New fender lips direct air around the wide front tires.
  • Carbon fiber front fenders are larger and have a functional air exhaust scoop built within them.
  • Larger CHMSL spoiler on top of the rear bumper reduces lift.
  • Six piston front calipers clamp down on 14.0 x 1.3 inch rotors.
  • Four piston rear calipers clamp down on 13.4 x 1.0 inch rotors.
  • Z06s balsa wood floor is encased in carbon fiber.
  • Z06 steering wheel is 0.8 inch smaller in diameter.
  • The Z06 does NOT have a removable roof.  The magnesium structure for the roof is bolted on permanently.
  • LS7s exhaust system has the ability above 3500 rpm at wide open throttle to allow for a straight-through flow.
  • LS7 was designed with a twin pump dry sump lubrication system. 
  • LS7 will have titanium valves and connecting rods, forged-steel crank shaft, pressed in iron liners into the block and extra-short pistons that require the steel liners to have "skirts" on them because the pistons protrude so far down into the block.
  • Z06 is anything but a stripped race car.  Its standard equipment says "loaded" with A/C, head-up display, Bose system, heated seats, side air bags and, get this, even a Homelink system. 

According to this article, this Z06 was designed to be a Dodge Viper Slayer and a stealth weapon against Ford's GT Super Car which will cost thousands less starting at a base price of between $75,000 to $85,000.

This is WONDERFUL NEWS!  We look forward to seeing everyone at the Detroit Auto Show in mid January 2005 where we can hear our "HERO" Chief Engineer David Hill give us the true and final low down on this fabulous new chapter in Corvette history!

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