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The C5/C6/C7 Stingray Registry is a continuation of the Official C5 Registry.  We are a group of 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C5/C6/C7 Corvette enthusiasts and owners who appreciate the most remarkable American sports cars to come along in years.

Our goal is to promote the exchange of information (both technical and non-technical) among our members on the NEW and exciting CORVETTE C7 Stingray  while also serving as a data bank of information on the C5 and C6 CORVETTE.

We will be featuring both C6 owners and their C6s on our Web page AND in our newsletter! The C6 Registry will also be present at many Corvette events around the country during the next year. If our members are interested, we will also organize special C6 gatherings, where you can meet with other C6 owners to share information, ask questions, and have fun! Mail, fax or Email us your C6 experiences, both good and bad . . . . how hard was it to buy? How long did you have to wait? How many winks, smiles and thumbs up have you gotten as you drive around?
Dues per year for the C5, C6, and the C7 Stingray  Registry are:
  • $65 (US Dollars) ($68 if paying by Credit Card or Online) - Initial Membership
  • $55 (US Dollars) ($58 if paying by Credit Card or Online) - Renewals
  • $8 Each Additional Member Name Badge.

Your annual membership includes a subscription to the Official C5/C6 Registry Newsletter, your personal Registry member number Name Badge, and a special Registry window decal for your Corvette.

There are two methods of joining the
Official C5 / C6 / C7 Stingray Registry.

1) You can either print and fill out the registration form below and return with your check made payable to the Official C5 / C6 / C7 Stingray Registry or you can pay by Credit Card.

2) Pay Online through PayPal. CLICK HERE TO JOIN


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Fill out the form below, completing as many fields as possible. When complete, click on the "register" button. A page will appear displaying the information you have submitted. Some older internet browsers will ask if you want to re-submit the information, please answer no. When the conformation page appears, to speed up the registration process - Print the confirmation Page, and mail with your personal check or credit card details to:

C5/C6/C7 Stingray  Registry Member Services
PO Box 541023
Merritt Island, FL 32954-1023

Or.. When the conformation page appears, return to the main site, and we will be in touch with you, your registration has been electronically received. Thank you, and Welcome to the Official C6/C7 Stingray Registry!

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1997-1998 RPO codes are found on the sticker in the LH Rear compartment.
1999 - 2001 C5's OPTION CODES (RPO CODES) are inside the Dash Glove Box Door.

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C5/C6 Registry

Phone: (321)
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FAX (321) (321) 433-0948

PO Box 541023
Merritt Island, FL 32954-1023

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