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Fall 2006

Fall Is A Great Time To Own A Corvette! 

I love this time of the year, but I regret that Fall brings up the end of the Corvette show season where we visit with fellow Corvette enthusiasts and enjoy great time; but more importantly, itís the end of the ALMS race season and what a C6-R race season its been.

 Our Corvette race team had a very successful year, even though the rules seem to be stacked against them every turn of the way. But overcoming obstacles is an every day business for our C6-R team.  All of us Corvette owners should smile with pride and have a little swagger in our step regarding the accomplishments of the Corvette race team this year.  Personally I enjoy pulling up next to an Aston Martin and looking over and giving him that prideful smile!  But what I really want to say is ďna na naÖweíre faster than you, even if you make us race with the kitchen sink in our trunk!Ē  All kidding aside, this Pratt & Miller team has overcome many, many rule set backs to dominate the GT1 series thus far.  We love you guys on the team, so keep up the good work!

The big question hanging in the air right now is what will 2007 bring?  We are assuming that GM will again race the Corvette in the GT1 class and that the Le Mans Series will get their act together on their rule making so that just because youíre competing and winning doesnít mean you need to be penalized.  I realize the Le Mans Series is in a tough position.  They want to have competitive racing for the fans without letting one manufacturer dominate.  But somewhere in that mix there has to be room to allow those who achieve the right to enjoy their success and achievements. I do have a hard time with the concept that just because you achieve and you win you should be brought to the back of the pack!  So, hey Le Mans, how about letting us enjoy our achievements a little and stop picking on us! 

This issue is full of great articles about different ALMS Races around the country in case you werenít able to go to Utah, Mosport, or Road Atlanta.  You can catch up on all the action in these great articles.  For you internet junkies out there, our own web master Frank Smith wrote about the inaugural Utah race and took some great photos!  Frank, you did a great job, but donít think Iím going to let you give up the internet business for the romantic life of an author! 

Many of you have heard me say this before and Iím not getting off my soap box yet.  Share the love, give a kid a rideÖcomplete the dream!

We have to keep this fabulous hobby of ours ongoing so that future generations can have the thrills weíve enjoyed in our life time with Corvettes.  The only way to do this is to instill the love of Corvettes and the Corvette hobby in the next generation.  Iíve always believed that the best way to do this is to inspire them while theyíre young.  So if you know a young lad or gal in your neighborhood, who every time you drive by just stares at your Corvette, you may want to stop and let them check it out and even sit in the seat so that they can begin to feel the Corvette fever. Iím sure all of you can remember when the fever first got you! You were probably young like I was when you first heard the rumble and saw your first Corvette drive down your street, and you said to yourself, some day Iím going to have one of those.  Chances are those kids in your neighborhood who drool when you drive by are thinking the same thing.  We need to encourage this and foster it.  So when a young person comes by and wants to look in your vette, donít shoo them away because you think they might scratch it, just lift up the hood, open the doors and invite them to take the wheel.  Itís the only way weíre going to ensure our hobby for generations to come.

Members, I know you wonít believe this, but this starts the beginning of our 10th year as the Official C5/C6 Registry.  We are busy making preparations for an exciting and different Birthday Bash and are working hand in hand with the NCM to make this event a special one for all of us! In our next issue we will wet your appetite with the details.  But for now, MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE DATES OF APRIL 26-29, 2007 FOR THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!!!

With this year end newsletter I want to give a BIG C5/C6 THANK YOU to our countrywide reporters: Our Canadian reporter Gary Bishop who always has an in depth article about whatís happening in Canada, and especially this issue with his report on the Mosport ALMS Race.  Janet Curran continues her tradition of great Way Out West reports.  What can I say, Bob Hardt, issue after issue, is the NCM Man!

Over the years I have found that some things, like me, donít get much better with age.  But some things do!  This is surely the case with Russ Caron and his Maine2006 Event.  From all accounts, this is one of the best trips they have ever had.  I sure wish I was sitting there eating those huge Maine lobsters with them!  What many of you donít know is that Russ and our very giving Registry Members have raised a ton of money for the American Cancer Society through this Maine event each year.  If you have never made the trip, you need to talk to Russ and make plans for next year.  All the information you need for next yearís event is in his article, so be sure to read it.  Kudos to Russ and his gang, not only for all that they do for Corvette, but for all they do for charity!

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend one of my most favorite races of the year.  However, a good friend of mine and Registry Member Steve Robertson was able to attend Road Atlanta.  Steve is a great photographer.  Iím always in awe of his photographic eye.  Donít miss this great article along with his fantastic photos.

2006-07 automatic Corvette owners, donít miss reading the Mr. Y2000 article about a potential concern with the 6-speed automatic shifter lever.  This issue can easily be solved with just a few tips from Mr. Y2000

As we approach the Holiday Season, I know everyone is looking for the perfect gift for their Corvette. So check out Ho Ho Ho Eye Candy in this issue on what to buy for your Corvette. Iíve already started my wish list and Iím leaving it where everyone can see it, and hopefully something might end up under my tree this year instead of the usual lump of road tar I usually get!

The holidays are always a great time of year for spending time with family and friends.  I feel like my family is 8,000 strong and that youíre all part of it.  So I wish all of you and your loved ones a very merry, blessed and safe holiday season. 

C5Ya! Dan

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