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Fall - 2004 by Dan Adovasio

It’s November and the weather is back to normal again. I didn’t realize how much I take electricity and sunshine for granted until I didn’t have any for a month.

I just got back from a fabulous trip to the Monterey Peninsula in California where I watched history being made at Laguna Seca as the C5-R finished its last race of the season. For me, it was a bittersweet victory because this was the last time the C5-R raced as a factory sponsored Corvette flag bearer. You may recall the C5-R has been powerless to win there in all of its previous outings and it finally succeeded this season. I’m already excited that next year the C6-R will debut as a brand new body style to begin winning races around the world. For those of you attending our C6 Z06 unveiling event at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the C6-R will be there! I hope to see many of you there for this historic unveiling. For more details about the Detroit auto show, see the Upcoming Events in this newsletter or at our website.

Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta was a BLAST, especially for winning C5-R drivers Johnny O’Connell [C5R# Z5207], Ma Papis [C5R# Z5213] and Ron Fellows [C5R# Z5201] who proudly accept their trophies.

A BIG C5/C6 THANK YOU goes out to Mike Albov [C5R# K6811] for all of his hard work and Janet & Mike Curran [C5R# W0477] for helping coordinate the very exciting Birthday Bash West at Laguna Seca. The plan for next year is to coordinate three events for the C6-R race Corvette. We will be co-sponsoring a Corvette Corral at the 12 Hours of Sebring, the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta and one on the West Coast. It will be either at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma or at Laguna Seca in Monterey. All you West Coasters, please let us know what your preference is. I also want to thank Buzz Marston [C5R# Y4432] of the Western States Corvette Council and the NCM for their hospitality and co-sponsorship of the Corvette Corral at Laguna Seca.

As you know, I love racing and I love watching the Corvettes challenge the world’s greatest race cars head to head. Rumor has it that Ferrari, Austin Martin and possibly even Lamborghini or Maserati will be joining the hunt for next year’s GTS Championship. Members have so much fun at the Corvette Corrals during these races that I would start making plans now to attend the next ALMS race in your area and join me in cheering on the new C6-R to victory as it dominates in the GTS class.

Thanks to the generosity of Larry Hayes [C5R# L7100] and Doug Robinson of IMSA, we were fortunate enough to have two parade laps around the famous Laguna Seca track. Talk about fun! There are plenty of elevation changes, as well as the world famous “corkscrew,” which looks a lot different in person than on TV! As you approach the corkscrew at the top of the hill you see nothing but horizon ahead. It’s like being at the highest point on a roller coaster, then all of a sudden you’re heading down the hill and things start happening quickly. What a rush! I couldn’t even imagine what it is like at full speed!

Speaking of Doug Robinson, he is now the Executive Director of IMSA. He was formerly an engineer with GM who worked extensively on the ZR-1 and on their famous press trip through Europe. He helped Chief Engineer Dave McClellan in the design and evaluation of the ZR-1 concept and the future C5 concept. As you can tell, because of Doug, Corvette’s roots go deep in the IMSA and American Le Mans Series hierarchy. It’s great to have friends in high places, but when you drive a Corvette, everyone is your friend!  Don’t you just love hopping in your Vette, turning the C5 key or pushing the C6 start button and blasting away…I know I do! After all my years in Corvette, it’s still the highlight of my day when I hear an LS1, LS6 or LS2 V-8 come to life.

There will be twenty V-8s coming to life in June 2005 on the European shores as the Registry again begins its assault overseas. For me, the most important race is the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and forty lucky Registry members will be there for the inaugural C6-R’s attack on this famous course. As we go to press, we only have a few open slots left. We have already secured Le Mans track tickets and it’s time to pack our bags and get rolling.

Yes, another year has passed and soon we’ll be in the throws of another hectic holiday season. I want to wish all the members of the Official C5/C6 Registry a very safe, happy and blessed holiday season.

C5Ya! Dan


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