“O O O O H”, 
That’s what comes out of 200 Corvette enthusiasts responding after Doug Fehan removed the cover of the 2005 C6-R that will unveil its mighty power at Sebring in March. 

“A A A A H.”  That is the sound that came out of 200 Corvette enthusiasts when Tom Peters removed the cover of the most spectacular Corvette anyone has ever seen, the 2006…Z06 race Corvette which everyone knows is just a race car disguised in Velocity Yellow plastic!

This exciting moment all started with the C5/C6 Registry’s members returning to Detroit to witness the unveiling of the greatest factory Corvette ever built. This return to the center of the automotive world began on Thursday evening when we were graciously welcomed by Gary Stanford and Scott Montgomery of Les Stanford Chevrolet at a reception for our members. The weather was cold outside, but the atmosphere inside was warm and friendly. Everyone enjoyed the food and hospitality. It was easy for our members to understand why Les Stanford is one of the leading Corvette dealers in the country and those in attendance all agree they are certainly the “Corvette King.”

The evening was even more spectacular with the surprise visit of David Hill who entertained all of us by answering members’ questions and signing autographs for the next two hours. Knowing how busy he is during the North American Auto Show week, this surprise visit was way above and beyond!

For the second year in a row Ed and Shirley Duprey [C5R# W0276] once again set the standard for a fabulous C6 Unveiling Party honoring the Z06 for 2006. They were so gracious to open their beautiful home Friday evening to everyone who was visiting Detroit for this fabulous event. And, YES, they somehow topped last year’s fabulous cake with another great one! Many thanks to Ed and Shirley from all of us for a FUN Corvette evening!

Excitement was in the air Saturday morning as 200 eager enthusiasts gathered around the Cobo Hall stage drooling over the covered up C6-R and new Z06. Race Director Doug Fehan started the presentation with a synopsis of the fabulous C5-Rs record-setting accomplishments since 1999. His unveiling of the new for 2005 C6-R brought nothing but O O O H S!

The spotlight turned to David Hill as he showed everyone the trophies that the C5-R had won. The over-flowing trophy case also contained the C5 coveted Motor Trend Car of the Year Award and several JD Power Awards. David Hill continued with the Z06 chassis presentation pointing out all the performance changes from a stock C6 Coupe.

Tom Peters, C6 Designer, then took the stage to present the unveiling of the Z06 and highlight all of its advances in making it the most extraordinary factory Corvette ever built.

Being with our members is always a thrill, especially when everyone is pumped up about seeing the new SUPER CAR Corvette. This visit to Detroit will once again be another personal lifetime event!

Now for the Power Chat –

Speaking of more power, our friend Ernie Francis and his company Breathless Performance Products, Inc. [Corporate Member XC030] have continued pioneering their company’s successful Vortex Rammer System from the C5 to adapt all of its proven power adding accomplishments to a cold air system for the C6 Corvette.

According to Breathless Perform-ance Products (BPP), their Vortex Rammer Cold Air System replaces the restrictive stock air box assembly. Looking at the filter you will notice that this is not the K&N filter that everyone sells. This revolutionary air cleaner contains an internal vortex velocity stack. It obtains cool, pressurized air from the radiator cavity through a modified shroud. Air is forced through a sealed box, where in turn, it directly injects cold air into your intake. BPP noticed that there was a lowering of manifold air temperature by almost 30 degrees.

 As you know, cold air means MORE power! BPP’s horse power results have already shown increases up to 36HP and 38FT/LBS at the flywheel. Running at speed can give up to 10 more HP due to the outside cooler air being forced in. This is from the benefit of the pressurized air that is created at high speeds which creates more horsepower at speeds over 35 MPH. A quarter-mile test showed a 3 MPH and 30FT/LBS improvement. Additionally, a C6 automatic equipped Coupeshowed a 26 HP flywheel improvement and a C6 six-speed manual Coupe showed a 21 HP flywheel improvement.

BPP’s Powerduct is made out of a one-piece component, not like our competitor’s two-piece seamed units, which have a tendency to crack along the seam. The powerduct replaces the stock air bridge between the throttle body and MAF.

Vortex Rammer Cold Air System comes with Powerduct, Vortex Ram Box and all couplers.

 This increases the airflow to the LS2 by over thirty-three percent. These Vortex Rammer Cold Air Systems are available in CLEAR (by the way, the clear finish provides a visual access to your Filter and Radiator for service interval inspections), BLACK and CARBON FIBER. They are also available with the C6 logo on top. Item 700-2005(L) C6 Vortex Ram Induction system with Carbon Fiber Laminate box Price $569.99. Item 700-2005(C) C6 Vortex Ram Induction system with Clear box Price $538.99. Item 700-2005(B) C6 Vortex Ram Induction system with Black box

Price $538.99.

 BPP’s Wide Rear Fender Kit increases your C6 rear fenders by two inches. Coincidentally, this “new look” is similar in style to the upcoming 2006 Z06. These fabulous rear replacement eye-catching fenders come as a gel coat finish. They will need to be prepped, primed and painted to the color of your C6. They are available in fiberglass Item 700-221 (a set of two) $949.99 or carbon fiber Item 700-222 (a set of two) $1699.00.

 Everyone seems to be offering LS2 C6 custom headers. But not everyone is going through the endless and continuous testing of other brands of headers as BPP has. Because of this endless testing they have decided on a set of changes that they felt were necessary. Pressure excursions in the header primary pipe may be compared to simple harmonic motion of spring/weight system. Just as weight oscillates up and down with amplitude and frequency related to specific weight and spring constant, pressure waves transverse pipes in a similar fashion. Since wave velocity is a function of pipe I.D, a change in diameter affects the amplitude and frequency of wave movement similar to the change in spring/weight values. Since peak torque (volumetric efficiency) is associated with specific exhaust gas flow rates, the sizing of the primary pipe diameter affects the wave speed (engine RPM) at which these critical or mean velocities flow. Stated another way, the sizing of the primary pipe can be used as a tool to selectively influence where in the rpm range torque boosts are placed or influenced. Step headers are used to help increase the engine’s effective torque range.

 BPP’s Custom Step Header tubes have a unique step design which starts at 1-3/4 and gets larger to 1-7/8 to produce increased velocity which in turn produces higher and flatter torque figures throughout the rpm range. Dyno results have shown between a 19 to 36 HP improvement. They also incorporated a velocity tip inside the collector to increase air speed. BPP’s collectors are 3’’ instead of 2-1/2. They Jet Coat their headers inside and out. BPP’s Long Tube One Piece fully welded step headers are $1,450.00 Item 700-108.

 Members, don’t forget your 10% discount on C5 and C6 Corvette products from Breathless Performance Products, Inc. Check out their new C6 web site at www.breathless 05-default.asp for the latest in C6 Performance Parts: or you can email Ernie at: ernie@breathless  or call them at (954) 925-7725; or visit them at 2070F Tigertail Blvd., #2, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33004.

Fall 2005 Power Chat

Spring 2004 Power Chat


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