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The Official C6 Registry is a continuation and part of the Official C5 Registry, a group of over 7000 C5 and C6 CORVETTE enthusiasts and owners who appreciate two of the most remarkable American cars to come along in years.

Our goal is to promote the exchange of information (both technical and non-technical) among our members while also serving as a data bank of information on the C5 and C6 ( which refers to Corvettes built for model years 1997-2004 for C5 and 2005 and later for C6 ) and have a GREAT TIME doing it.

We feature both C5-C6 owners and their C5 and C6s on our Web page AND in our Newsletter! The C5-C6Registry is also participates in conjunction with many scheduled Corvette events around the country, such as National Corvette Museum events, Bloomington Gold, and Corvettes @ Carlisle. We also organize special C5-C6 gatherings, where you can meet with other C5-C6 owners to share information, ask questions, and HAVE FUN!

Dues for the C5-C6 Registry are:

$65 (American) ($68 if paying by Credit Card) - North American Continent

  • $55 (American) ($58 if paying by Credit Card) - Member Renewals

  • $80 (American) ($83 if paying by Credit Card) - International Membership & Renewa

Per year which include a subscription to the C5 Registry Newsletter, a Registration Number, a Personalized magnetic name badge, and a special C5 Registry window decal. If you are interested in joining the C5 Registry, please fill out the registration form and return it by e-mail using your credit card, or print it out and mail it with your check made payable to The C5 Registry, P.O. Box 541023, Merritt Island, FL 32954-1023. If you have questions, call us at 321-452-2743.



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